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Hosted by Mystery Mansion Escape & Events:



Test your wits as you try to find Millie's hidden speakeasy. 3 Hours of Fun examining evidence, solving puzzles, and join the afterparty for to discuss the game.

The year is 1920 during Prohibition and Millie runs a swanky, secret speakeasy called The Moxie.  The coppers are on to her and are in hot pursuit to shut her down as a dead body was discovered the night before.  The cops think her gang killed the goon, who that haven't yet identified.  Luckily, she is friends with Bosco, the lead the investigator on the case.  He promised her that if she helps him identify the real thugs, that he will close the case and The Moxie will remain secret.  Dive through the suspects, solve the puzzles to close the case, and reveal the location of The Moxie for the finale.  More details to come later.

Discover monsters all over town as you uncover puzzles to solve. Coming Fall of 2024. More information to come.

A new type of horror adventure has arrived! Strange sightings have been reported at Mystery Mansion and we need help cleansing our space of whatever ghost, beast, creature, or other being has taken refuge within these walls.


Take on the role of supernatural explorers as you arrive after dark to help us discover what haunts us and banish it once and for all!

Entities tend to come and go so each story offers a unique challenge.


This is an immersive horror-themed adventure that may be more intense or physically challenging than our standard experiences.

Call us if you would like to book this experience on a date outside of our timeline.

Hosted by Mystery Mansion Escape & Events

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The first of our Mayhem & Mystery Series events. Each mystery will have a completely different story, puzzles and themes. Your team will try to solve extraordinary challenges using wit, evidence, and logic. It is a true mix of puzzles, escape room puzzles, and logic.


These events will only run on a very limited schedule at your request. Feel Free to contact us for a private booking for 1 table or up to 6 tables of only your friends. Message or Call us for 2 to 2.5 Hours of brain bending fun. 


Art of Poison: Artist, Stafford Hemmingsley, has been murdered just before his debut art show at the gallery. The Rock City Police department has requested your help to determine the murderer. They have determined he was poisoned and you must identify the toxin. The killer planned to steal his most valuable work of art. Can you help solve the crime before the gallery opens?

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